About Us

NIMEKS DOO is a company that exists on the Macedonian market since 1991. However NIMEKS starts building its history from the distant 1970 as a representative of couple of the most famous former yugoslavia brands.

Today, after many years of successful operation and sustainability at the market, we are one of the largest importers and distributors of several major world brands in Macedonia.

Nimeks Skopje organizes its work through the segment of wholesale and retail directly from the central warehouse of Nimeks. For instance wholesale stores, super and hyper markets, traditional shops, horeca, pharmacies and others. With our own fleet and distributional park we guarantee quick and efficient distribution of our products to all sales outlets in our country in 24 hours from the moment of purchase. (ambulatory sales)

The team of managers, caring and dedicated employees, our great fleet, ours warehouse and administrative facilities and excellent business communication provide full satisfaction and confidence in our current business partners.


Nimeks DOO



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